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Star Wars Saga/Framework


GreenByNature Framework for Star Wars Saga

  1. GreenByNature Framework for Star Wars Saga
    1. Framework Download
    2. Framework Setup
    3. Starting Out
    4. GreenByNature's House Rules

Framework Download

This campaign file has everything you need to start a Star Wars Saga campaign with MapTool
GreenByNature Framework v. 1.2.cmpgn

Or if you want to update your existing campaign file you can download the Campaign Properties, Library Token, and Campaign Macro Set individually and import them into your game
GreenByNature Properties v. 1.2.mtprops
GreenByNature Library v. 1.2.rptok
GreenByNature Macros v. 1.2.mtmacset

Framework Setup

The framework makes use of many advanced MapTool features, so several default setting have to be changed before it will run properly. Set your Start Up settings, and Preferences to match the following.

MapTool Launcher.jpg Preferences.jpg

If you are hosting the server make sure the Server Settings match the following

Start Server.jpg

Starting Out

When you are first starting out the most important panel is the Campaign Macros. The bottom panel will allow you to quickly create tokens in appropriate formats, while the rest of them are universal effects. Once you have set up a "New Token," find the Token Macros and use the Set Up group to flesh out your character, add attacks and any special abilities.

Campaign Macros.jpg

GreenByNature's House Rules

Mass Combat Expanded Rules
The following changes are intended for simplicity and consistency amongst vehicle damage rolls.
Weapon Batteries and Fighter Groups: Narrow Salvo attacks automatically add +1 die of damage for every extra gunner
Fire-Linked Missile Weapons: Fire linking missiles give the user a +2 to attack in addition to +1 die of damage
Venator-class Star Destroyer Tactical Fire: all allied starships gargantuan size or smaller within 2 squares gain +2 to attack and +1 damage per damage die.

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